Posted by: scottishwriters | February 19, 2018

Scottish Writers’ Centre Anthology: Call for Submissions

The Scottish Writers’ Centre are looking for submissions! We are very excited to reveal that, in partnership with Red Squirrel Press, we will be launching an anthology in 2018 to celebrate ten years of the Scottish Writers’ Centre. The Scottish Writers’ Centre is proud to commemorate ten years of supporting and championing Scottish literature and culture, and our anthology will reflect our commitment to Scottish writing and writers. We are looking for submissions of poetry, prose and creative non-fiction, written in any of the languages of Scotland. We want to showcase the best contemporary writers in Scotland, so show us what you’ve got!

SWC Cover Photo

Deadline: Midnight, 30th April 2018

Eligibility: anyone living in Scotland. You can be professional, part-time or just starting your writing journey – we’d love to hear from you!

Maximum word count: 60 lines for poetry and 2000 words for prose

Please send all submissions to:


Submission guidelines

Everyone and anyone is welcome to submit their work. However, if you are a member of the Scottish Writers’ Centre, you have the opportunity to submit up to three pieces to be considered.

The copyright will remain with the writer, and we will only accept work that has not been previously published.

Entries should be submitted as a double-spaced Word document. Please include a title sheet with your name, word or line count, and a 100-word bio and your preferred contact details.

We regret that we currently cannot provide feedback for submissions.

Submissions should be titled ‘Poetry Submission’ + your full name, or ‘Prose Submission + your full name’.



  1. What a great development. So sad , however, that , as a writer born , educated and having lived half my life in Scotland, I am now ineligible because I live overseas.

    • Hi Brenda; after discussing it we have decided to open submissions to Scottish writers living abroad!

  2. Hello there, Are extracts from longer works acceptable?
    Best wishes, Leonie

    • Hi Leonie; extracts are totalling acceptable!

  3. Hi, can you submit both a prose and a poetry piece for the anthology, or does it have to be one or the other?

    • Hi Linda; if you are a member of the SWC you can submit multiple times, so you could submit prose and poetry, but if you are a non member you are only able to submit one piece!

  4. Hi, SWC. Is this open to Scottish writers living outside Scotland?

    • Hi Andy; after discussing it we have decided to open submissions to Scottish writers living abroad!

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