Posted by: scottishwriters | September 28, 2018

SWC Logo Competition!

swc-logoScottish Writers’ Centre
by writers, for writers

Logo Competition

The Scottish Writers’ Centre need a new logo that reflects the level of creativity in Scotland. As we change and grow as an organisation, we need a modern look that reflects who we are. Our primary aim is to support writers living in Scotland. We want to encourage and celebrate Scottish writing; to support the learning and development of writers living in Scotland; and to enable dialogue between writers nationally and internationally.

This is a rare opportunity to be part of the rebranding of an organisation. The winning design will be featured across all of our social media platforms, advertisements, and merchandise. You will also receive a payment of £300.

The primary objective of this competition is to reflect one of the core values of the Scottish Writers’ Centre, that we are “by writers, for writers”, as well as to create a vibrant and eye-catching logo.

Our target audience is writers across Scotland and beyond, across all age groups. Our audience is constantly evolving, growing outside of our central location in Glasgow as we branch out into new projects. The new logo will be used across all our social media platforms, on merchandise, and on advertising. It should reflect not only our organisation, but also our beliefs. They key word is modern; we don’t need quills and parchment, or to look back at what has been done before.

Please submit your entry in a vector format, containing a version with text and without, along with contact information to

The deadline for the competition is Sunday, 28th of October 2018. Finalists will be contacted a few weeks after the closing date, with the final decision being open to a public vote.

Terms and Conditions
We ask that only original work is submitted. All rights retained by the creator with exclusive license to use by the Scottish Writers’ Centre, including permission to alter/update seasonally or as required. The logo should be created digitally, hand drawn submissions will not be entered. Please submit your design in a vector format. For any questions, email


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