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SWC’s Autumn Speakeasy


Ahead of next week’s Speakeasy at the Mitchell Library in collaboration with the wonderful Aye Write! festival, we thought we’d share memories from one of our last speakeasies, back in November. It was a fantastic night, and you can find details about our next speakeasy here. We’d love to see you there!

The CCA Clubroom was at full capacity for a night of poetry, prose and performance led by the effervescent Linda Jackson and her band. Music was the motif for our speakeasy contributors and so it was only fitting that Jackson and co. played us in with an ode to the rivers, the trees, and the cool breeze that make Scotland in autumn such a bonny place to be!

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Posted by: scottishwriters | February 27, 2017

Transatlantic Literary Women at the Scottish Writers’ Centre

TLW - Showcase jpeg.jpg

The Scottish Writers’ Centre is delighted to be collaborating with the Transatlantic Literary Women Series to bring you an evening of creative writing this Tuesday, hosted by poet and author Carolyn Jess-Cooke. We’ll be celebrating the work of contemporary writers in Scotland, showcasing their responses to the theme Transatlantic Literary Women. We have a selection of poets and prose writers, who each engage with transatlanticism in unique and fascinating ways. Whether you’re a writer yourself or just want to enjoy an evening of readings by talented locals, our speakers will give you a flavour of some of the exciting work that women writers are currently creating!

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Posted by: scottishwriters | February 23, 2017

Galloway Comes to Glasgow

pairOur first event of 2017 saw Galloway come to Glasgow. After a few weeks of festive frivolities, our members, interns and writers peeled themselves off their sofas, lifted themselves out of the food induced stupor and made their way to the CCA Clubroom to bring in 2017 with the SWC. In true January sales style, we were treated to a BOGOF deal as two Galloway-based poets, Hugh McMillan and Stuart A. Paterson, shared their poetry, cheerful anecdotes and fascinating facts about their home.The night shaped up to be a mash up of literature, history and geography delivered to the eager audience with plenty of passion and many a laugh.

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Posted by: scottishwriters | February 16, 2017

Louise Welsh: In Process Masterclass

louise-welsh1In October, the Scottish Writers’ Centre brought writer Louise Welsh to run an event as part of our series, “In Process Masterclass”. The discussion of her published novels explored not only her writing, but also her process and the inspirations behind the trilogy she is currently working on. Welsh has been working on the trilogy, entitled Plague Times, for the last three or four years, and the first two parts, A Lovely Way to Burn and Death is a Welcome Guest, are already available for purchase.

Plague Times looks at a modern day United Kingdom as it is stroke by a plague, decimating a large percentage of the population. Welsh found inspiration in many places, from the 1984 BBC drama Threads by Barry Hines, to the Glasgow slave trade of the 18th century. However, one of her biggest inspirations stuck with me while she was talking, a quote from Aristotle.

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Posted by: scottishwriters | February 13, 2017

What’s Love Got to Do With It: SWC’s Favourite Love Stories

On Valentine’s Day the Scottish Writers’ Centre are hosting a Valentine’s themed speakeasy titled ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It?’ hosted by the brilliant Jim Ferguson! Ahead of tomorrow’s event we’ve decided to dedicate today’s blog post to some of our volunteers’ favourite literary love stories: happy, sad and everything in between.

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Posted by: scottishwriters | February 9, 2017

In Process: Masterclass with Janet Paisley

dsc_0033Since Janet Paisley began on her typewriter in the 70s, she has been published as a novelist, playwright, poet and screenwriter. Blessed with that desirable ability to write in all and every form, she has delivered award winning writings across numerous mediums, earning her status not only as a hugely popular Scottish writer, but a worldwide one also. She joined us on 6th December 2016 to share her writing process, why she writes and just how she’s made herself such a success over the years.

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Posted by: scottishwriters | February 6, 2017

SWC’s Favourite Literary Facebook Pages

With so many social media pages out there being shared, liked, retweeted and followed, it’s easy to get a bit lost in the floods of information coming your way. Whether it’s a friend recommending a hilarious video-maker, someone interesting following you on Twitter or a promoted page popping up on your Facebook feed, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of who and what to follow. While we all use social media for different things, all of these platforms are so useful for those moments when you need a quick smile, a pick me up or a light bulb moment. From the inspirational to the beautiful, and the just plain funny, we’re going to be sharing the top Facebook literary accounts to follow for non-stop great content.

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Posted by: scottishwriters | January 30, 2017

SWC’s Favourite Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is my favourite genre of literature. Although there’s a tendency to think of historical fiction as over-exaggerated, wildly inaccurate bodice-rippers – read a Philippa Gregory book and you’ll know what I mean – in reality, there’s so much more to the genre. Historical fiction comprises any book set in the past – which technically includes beloved classics like George Eliot’s Middlemarch and Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre, showing just how rich and diverse the historical tradition can be. We’re so excited by tomorrow’s event Writing Historical Fiction with Catherine Hokin that we’ve decided to dedicate a whole blog post to our favourite historical fiction. Catherine, who is herself a talented historical writer, will be sharing loads of informative and fascinating tips about writing historical fiction – everything from conducting research to the balance between fact and storytelling – and we hope that this post inspires you to come along and learn more about the riveting genre for yourself! So, without further ado, here are some of SWC’s top picks of historical fiction…

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In Process: Masterclass with Lesley Glaister


With thirteen books under her belt and as a lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Saint Andrews, there was no doubt that Lesley Glaister would pull in a crowd eager to hear all about her writing process at our Scottish Writers’ Centre Masterclass. Despite the chilly wind and the first snow of the season, the turnout was great as Lesley shared her experience with ‘the muddle that writing a novel can be’. Since her first publication in 1990, she has been working on mastering her craft and says that whilst there may be rules to writing, few people seem to know what they are and insists they are there to be broken anyway. As she tells how her latest novel Little Egypt came about, Lesley is open in sharing the peaks and troughs that authorship can bring, and her words come as a reassuring encouragement to persist and never give up hope on a good idea.

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Bookmarked: Creative Conversations


To wander along to the University of Glasgow’s chapel on a Monday afternoon is to be greeted with more than the usual stained glass and soaring nave: you will instead find a crowd of students, lecturers and general visitors, all gathered together to listen to a literary conversation about craft, inspiration and whatever else takes their fancy.

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