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Tuesday 23 May 2017: CCA Club Room @7pm

CCA:  Centre for Contemporary Arts  

In partnership with Conradh na Gaeilge Glasgow is delighted to present:

‘Conradh na Gaeilge in Albain agus Aistí Eile’

with Pádraig Ó Baoighill 


Conradh na Gaeilge Glasgow, in partnership with the Scottish Writers Centre, is delighted to co-host the Glasgow discussion, in English and Irish, and launch of Pádraig Ó Baoighill’s latest book published by Coiscéim.  Pádraig Ó Baoighill is an award winning Short story writer, novelist, poet, biographer, researcher, journalist, and broadcaster from Rannafast, in the Donegal Gaeltacht. He is the writer of over 20 books and is a legendary figure in Irish language writing. Last year he published his book on Rabbie Burns and his life and links with Ireland ‘Rabbie Burns: An Nasc le hÉirinn’.

His latest book ‘Conradh na Gaeilge in Albain agus Aistí Eile’ (The Gaelic League in Scotland and other essays’) explores the history of Conradh na Gaeilge (the Gaelic League) in Scotland from the formation of its first branch in 1895, which was only two years after the organisation was created and thus was the first branch established outside of Ireland. The book plots the high and lows of the organisation in Scotland, how events in Ireland shaped it’s history and gives the spotlight to figures from the organisations history. In essays, Padraig places in context the formation of the Gaelic League and explores the wider history of the Irish in Scotland.

Conradh na Gaeilge (The Gaelic League) was established in Glasgow in 1895 and was the first branch to be founded outside of Ireland. At one time, more than 15 branches that once existed throughout the city, and the Patrick Pearse branch is still alive and flourishing today and has been promoting the Irish language and Irish culture in the city and beyond for the past 120 plus years. Conradh na Gaeilge Glaschú runs 7 classes weekly for adults as well as one for children alongside many other cultural and community activities

This a FREE event for All

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017: Club Room at 7:00pm

CCA:  Centre for Contemporary Arts. 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, G2 3JD

The Natural World of Stories, Legends & Songs with Grace Banks

Grace DB (1)Join storyteller, singer and author Grace Banks for a lively and interactive workshop as she tells the tale of who and what has influenced her creative writing journey. As a storyteller she finds stories and legends of old fascinating and intriguing, and thoroughly enjoyed researching both her books: ‘Aberdeenshire Folk Tales’ and ‘Scottish Urban Myths and Ancient Legends’, which she co-authored with poet and author Sheena Blackhall.  Grace writes, ‘Much of my creative work is inspired by the natural world and the wonders and wisdom found within the ancient stories. Today many lifestyles revolve around screen dependence; work and play are now indoor experiences and stress and anxiety are compounded by the accompanying lack of exercise and fresh air. One of my greatest joys is to enable others to be outdoors in the green – to explore, discover and enjoy their surroundings; I find songs and stories are naturally integral to this.’  During the workshop Grace will look at what can inspire and influence creativity and will provide opportunity for participants to explore different approaches to their writing.

Grace Banks works as a storyteller, singer and outdoor-discovery facilitator mainly in and around Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.  She had great regard for Traveller, storyteller and balladeer Stanley Robertson and poet and author Sheena Blackhall. She writes, ‘Both of them have been such an encouragement to me and influential in my creative development.’  Grace runs workshops and sessions for adults and/or children. This includes song classes, storytelling for families, sessions for schools and explores the outdoors. This includes, story/song walks, story-making and song creation with natural objects, tool use, fire-making and other fun activities, supporting groups to experience nature in different ways.  Grace and Sheena Blackhall have co-authored two books: ‘Aberdeenshire Folk Tales’ and ‘Scottish Urban Myths and Ancient Legends’, published by History Press.  Grace has compiled ‘A Puckle o Sangs’, a book of songs gathered from NE Scotland songsters and published by AUP.   Most recently Grace has released an album, ‘Songs From the Wood’ – a resource of woodland songs and tales for children and she is continuing to produce other nature story/song resources.  Find out more at:

Tickets: £6/(£3) Concessions, Free for SWC Members


Tuesday 20th June 2017: CCA Club Room @7pm

CCA:  Centre for Contemporary Arts

‘In Process’ Masterclass with Tom Leonard


Tom Leonard first became known for his four phonetic poetry sequences published 1969-79, featuring uncompromised and exacting representation of working-class speech in Glasgow and the west of Scotland. Following from Hamilton Finlay in Scotland and Carlos Williams in America this was the first time such language and its registers was presented by a poet for whom the spoken language was his own. The speakers were not “other”. He later referred to these sequences as being of “neither tribe nor nation but community and the music of its language pool.”

In the nearly fifty years since their writing he has published much poetry and prose, translated Chekhov and Brecht for the stage, written literary and political criticism, edited a reclaiming anthology of nineteenth century west of Scotland poetry, and published the standard biography of the west of Scotland poet James Thomson, author of “The City of Dreadful Night.” In the seventies he was involved in performative poetry using tape recorders, his own participation in and curating of the then Third Eye Centre’s Sound and Syntax festival of 1978 the subject of an interview recently taken for CCA archives. Performances from that festival can be seen in the CCA collection on Vimeo.

A few years ago Leonard used the occasion of a Scottish Writers Centre reading partly to explore philosophic themes in some of the work from which he read. This time he will again show some of his slide-poems, give a full reading, and explore some other aspects of the position of the language.

For more information:

Tickets: £6/(£3) Concessions, Free for SWC Members



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