Writers Groups

The SWC hosts meetings of the Scots-English Writing Group, where writers can share samples of their work, receive feedback, and discuss the writing process. We also offer writing exercises, when time and circumstances allow. Everyone is welcome – with or without a writing sample.

At each meeting, we provide in-depth critiques for two writers (submissions for which should be submitted to alfredaablack@gmail.com one week in advance of the meeting). If there are specific issues which the applicants would like addressed, up to five questions can be posed in the submission. Everyone attending can also bring a piece of work for general comments; this can include synopses and covering letters.

The critiques made will be constructive, respectful, and specific, to best aid one’s writing development. If you would like your work to be evaluated at the next meeting, please email alfredaablack@gmail.com in advance (with either two thousand words of prose or three poems of not more than thirty lines each).

Scots-English Writing Groups meet:

7-9pm every other Monday (subject to change) at The Ivory Hotel, 2-4 Camphill Avenue, Glasgow G41 3AY


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