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Writers’ Reel Episode 1 – Douglas Thompson

I am proud to introduce the first episode of “Writer’s Reel”, an online video series in which I chat to writers ahead of our events at the CCA. Think of these videos as a way to get a look at an event you missed, kickstart your creativity, or find out a little more about a writer you admire. These videos will be coming to you every second Tuesday via our website, so feel free to leave questions and comments telling me what you think of them!

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Slavonic Dances: Interview with Tom Hubbard

Here at the Scottish Writers’ Centre, we are very excited for our first event of 2018, ‘Slavonic Dances’ with the fantastic Tom Hubbard. Come along to the Club Room in the CCA tomorrow at 7pm for the first of many events celebrating ten years of the Scottish Writers’ Centre. Everyone is welcome! But in the meantime, we have an interview with Tom ahead of tomorrow’s event – here he talks about his fascination with Central and Eastern European culture, his love of props, and why everyone should be reading more Polish literature.


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The Scottish Writers’ Centre Podcast is Live!

SWC Cover Photo

The Scottish Writers’ Centre Podcast is here! Recorded and edited by Mark and Jamie of Wheezy Whispers, these episodes are shortened versions of the events the Writers’ Centre hosts every two weeks. As our archive on the website grows, we hope to deliver highlights from these events in audio format. To give you a taster of what’s to come, we’ve started off with a short interview with Mark and Jamie covering the basics of what we want the cast to achieve. We’ll be releasing new episodes throughout the year, which you’ll find on our podcast page here.

The podcast is now one of the most popular formats for entertainment and learning, though the possibilities of their relationship with literature is still underexplored. The SWC Podcast hopes to bring the work of our speakers to an easily accessible form, giving you their talks and readings for your own convenience. As drama, poetry, and the oral tradition will tell us, literature spoken aloud can be just as, if not more, effective, than text in a book. As this project begins, the Scottish Writers’ Centre hopes to show that literature isn’t just the words on the page.


We hope you enjoy the episodes as they are released,


Mark, Jamie, and Alastair

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The Scottish Writers’ Centre Podcast Episode 0- Welcome

swc logo

Welcome! This podcast series will bring you events from the Scottish Writers’ Centre recorded at the Centre of Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. To kick off our podcast project, we’ve recorded a short interview with the guys behind the cast; Mark and Jamie of Wheezy Whispers!


To listen to the podcast, just click below. Happy listening!

Speakers: Mark Cunningham, Jamie Loggie, Alastair Millar

The Scottish Writers’ Centre supports national writers and promotes Scotland’s vibrant literary culture. The organisation provides a space for writers to meet, share ideas and experiences about the craft, and learn from those further advanced.

You can keep up to date with all of the news from the Scottish Writers’ Centre via their website:


You’ll be able to find the episodes of the SWC Podcast via the Mixcloud page.


Thank you to the team at the SWC for their contribution and help with coordinating this podcast series.


This podcast was recorded and produced by Wheezy Whispers.

If you have any questions about future episodes or want to provide some feedback please email

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Top 10 Literary Edinburgh

J.K. Rowling. Irvine Welsh. Muriel Spark. There’s certainly no shortage of famous writers associated with Edinburgh, and the city itself is also home to many wonderful institutions, tours and organisations dedicated to literature. After the success of our literary guides to Glasgow – Top 10 Literary Glasgow and Top 10 Literary Glasgow Continued – the SWC has decided to branch out to the literary heritage of Scotland’s wonderful capital. Compiled by SWC Director Rachel Walker, read on to find some of our recommendations for exploring Edinburgh’s love affair with literature…

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On the twelfth day of Christmas, the SWC gave to me…

…A thank you from the whole team!



2017 has been a big year of change for the Scottish Writers’ Centre. We’ve had some fantastic events, some great interns come and go, and we move into 2018 with a whole new board of directors. On behalf of the Scottish Writers’ Centre, I want to say a few thank you’s before we start cracking open the prosecco and devouring mince pies!

Thank you to Ruby McCann, who after three years on the Board has stepped down to pursue other adventures in 2018.

To Stuart Doubble, Carolyn McGill, and Derek Parkes, thank you for the time you committed to the SWC in 2017 and good luck in all of your future endeavours.

To all our interns, past and present, who have done such fantastic work for us this year, keep up the good work!

And finally, to you, our Scottish Writers’ Centre members and followers, thank you for sticking with us, coming to events, engaging with us on social media, and sometimes correcting our spelling. We do this for you, and it’s great to know that we get to keep doing it thanks to all of you.

From all of us here, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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On the eleventh day of Christmas, the SWC gave to me…

…Eleven Best Poetry Performances on 2017

I have always found something captivating about listening to an author read their poetry out loud. Hearing the words spoken rather than just reading them on a page can give new meaning, nuance, and emotion to poetry, not to mention the impact that accent, setting, and music can have. This list could have been much longer, but here I have included some of the poems that I have enjoyed the most throughout 2017 from Scotland, the UK and beyond.

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On the tenth day of christmas, the SWC gave to me…

                                                                                                                      … Ten Non-Fiction Books

Five Books     

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On the ninth day of Christmas, the SWC gave to me…

…Nine poetry collections


Poetry only seems to be growing in popularity in recent years, with the surge of a new generation of poets finding fame on Instagram, and the spoken word and slam scenes taking the world by storm. From old hands to new favourites, here are some of my highlights from this vintage year in poetry publishing.

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On the eighth day of Christmas, the SWC gave to me…

…Eight literary Twitter accounts to follow

Since the majority of my time is consumed by two things, literature and social media, it brings me a certain amount of joy and satisfaction to compile this list. Literary Twitter accounts are wonderful streams of information for bookworms to furiously nerd-out for a few fleeting moments. Read More…

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