Posted by: scottishwriters | August 15, 2016

Introducing Lea Taylor, Storyteller

Lea Taylor2

Storytelling in Scotland comes from a long history and diverse heritage of oratory literature. Telling tales connects people to literature in an accessible environment, both theatrical and intimate.

Storyteller Lea Taylor hails from the Cotswolds south of the Border, but was given a taste for this tradition while studying Scottish Ethnology at Edinburgh University. She has since developed a career by specialising in literacy and youth and children’s work. Now her stories appeal to audiences of all ages.

Her storytelling often includes song, and participation from audiences to encourage full immersion in the experience. Her biography on Tracs Scotland lists her specialities as “traveller tales, Celtic tales, international tales, fairy tales, wonder stories, environmental stories, peace tales and original stories.

She also works with the storytelling group BagaTelle, of which she is a founding member, as well as Young Storytellers Scotland.

At the Scottish Writers’ Centre, the magic of our events often springs from the delivery of stories by the writers present, whether that’s through readings of their work or the stories behind their work, about their inspirations, craft, and writing process. We can’t wait to hear what wisdom Lea has to offer in her ‘Storytelling to Nourish the Soul’ event, and invite you to come and find out with us tomorrow in the CCA Club Room at 7pm.

Read more about Lea’s work here. 

Words by Ellen MacAskill

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